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  • Can you please look into reports that Nimr & Chapman and O.Conolly are closing their doors cos of not being able to pay their Zesa bills. Manufacturing down to almost no company’s.

  • Hi,
    i would like to order stamps from Zimbabwe. But there seems to be no opportunity to get some. Can you help me?
    Thanks and greetings
    Stefa Reinecke

  • hello can we get your telephone numbers please. thank you

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  • Please may you remove the above email…not meant to be a comment

  • Please can you investigate s msn called Tamuka Majaya who is sbfucting underage girls and grooming them for sexusl purposes. He is basef in masvingo- chief charumbira homestead

  • Please give us updates on what is happening with Murambatsvina. It is a terrible thing that the people’s government should go around destroying people’s houses. After all it is the same high ranking people that sold the stands and now they turn back and say it was all illegal and our houses must be destroyed.

  • Newspapers in Zimbabwe

  • Anna Windzorskaya Her Magesty Queen Anna Arab Oil Monopoly Owner from 1961 from my 5 years 37065452032 Arab Army to Sywalki

    george bush and dora gitler 37065452032


  • Please may you come to hwange and investgate corruption by V Rakabopa and Chuninga.Yhey have managed to bribe work reps(Ndebele,Ncube ans Katako).
    Issues of worry
    No salary while executives are getting paid 23000
    Burning of Tonga and Nambya tombs by Colliery
    Employment of harare and bulawayo pple when us locals are there.

    Did they pay you also to shut up,we understand Burzil Dube is going around paying newsman to drop the investigation.

  • Please can you investigate corruption at AP Glendenning (PVT) (LTD) .

  • hi mr editor
    According to the public health act it is a criminal offense to withhold any information about a disease outbreak. But however this so happen at Byo poly today where this head of the institution fumed and removed all posters meant to help other students as more than 50 cases of what is believed to be rota virus, contaminated water or food poisoning. Some students even used their moneys to go to private hospitals after what seemed to fruitless waiting, this is so because the school do not have any emergence preparedness plan. So we end up wondering what was the reason behind hiding such information, where is the law, where is the health department. Do we have to die first for the responsible authorities to act. When will justice be justice
    affected student

  • I also believe that Banks can play a very important role in building Malls around the country as seen here in South Africa that’s why almost where-ever you go you find a very vibrant mall operating and benefiting the people instead having funds seating around.

    We need to see Zimbabwe growing plz people coz we have been too long in the ‘rain’ and its tyme to shine madoda……..

  • GOLD.i want to borrow 2500$.i have licence ,i am in last stage,a company smelted my 1.2kg gold 89%pure.i just need to pay them then i sell my gold to fidility ,i have a licence.i will pay back +a gift in $ and interest in a weks time

  • Mr Editor. Can you please investigate the goings on at Mzingwane High School in Esigodini. We hear that pupils have spent the entire second term without any learning as the teachers are on a go slow/strike. This is very bad as we are paying high fees of around US$500 a term. We hear that the senior teachers there are rebellious and the headmaster has been unable to control them and has just abandoned his duties as a head. This school was a leading school in Matabeleland and to imagine that such a development comes at a time when there is so much noise about poor standards of education in Matabeleland schools. Please inform the world what is happening at this school as it has many high profile products around the world including myself. The alumni of this school can easily mobilize funds to resuscitate the school provided we have a clear picture as to what is happening now and the causes. Thanks.

  • Can anyone please tell us why a large section of Plumtree Road is still blocked off but nothing seems to be happening in that section. Meanwhile it and the ETs are threatening lives becoz ETs are now driving down the wrong side of the road! (Where are the police in situations like this!!!!????)

  • EMF medical aid society biggest salarygate being covered please investigate it is more than the PSMAS Cuthbert Dube one. Please help us

  • Man of God,may God grant extra ordinary,man of God, l watched you through youtube,please I need your personal contact prayer,l ,m writing from Germany, l ve been encounter series of miscourages, bad dreams, etc . My husband also facing spiritual attacks ,set backs ,failure , etc I dont know how to get one of these anointed oil. This is our contact details 0049/15213132620 or 15224258000 please pray for us, God bless you .Amen.

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