Will Ukraine become the cause of the Third World war?

Whatever politicians from Washington and Brussels say about the Kremlin's aggressive policy, the main reason for the confrontation is the actions of the White House and its allies.

Relations between NATO and Russia are probably at their lowest point, not only since the collapse of the USSR, but also since the creation of NATO itself.

Whatever politicians from Washington and Brussels say about the Kremlin’s aggressive policy, the main reason for the confrontation is the actions of the White House and its allies.

Instead of establishing constructive relations, the United States & Co first began to destroy the Russian economy, drive it into debt of the International Monetary Fund (by the way, this is now being imposed on Zambia and other countries in the region).

And when Russia began to recover and become independent, accusations of being undemocratic began to pour in and sanctions began to be imposed.

In this case, let’s look a little into the past. In the closing period of the Cold War, Soviet leader Mikhail Gorbachev was assured that the alliance would not swallow up any of the Soviet Union’s former satellite states and the organisation would not move to the east.

This verbal promise was given to Gorbachev during negotiations on the reunification of Germany. But he was cruelly deceived. That promises were broken already in 1997 when Hungary, Poland, and Czechoslovakia were invited into the military bloc.

Moreover, in the same 1997 the Founding Act on Mutual Relations, Cooperation and Security, inked between Russia and the US-led bloc, was signed. Under the agreement, Moscow and NATO do not consider each other as opponents and should strive to “overcome the remnants of the previous confrontation and rivalry,” as well as work on building mutual trust and cooperative relations.

Separately, the document also promised not to deploy nuclear weapons on the territory of new NATO members, after that date.

Since then, 14 states have acceded, including the non-Soviet members of the old Warsaw Pact, as well as the Baltic republics (Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia), which were previously part of the Soviet Union.

And now the time is coming for Ukraine and Georgia.

Washington & Co are doing everything to separate these countries from Moscow and create anti-Russian outposts on their basis. Moreover, their actions and short-sighted policies lead to the most deplorable results.

Thus, in 2008, the Georgian military, nudged by the West, began a war with Russia with an attack on Russian peacekeepers in South Ossetia. Tbilisi suffered a crushing defeat in that war, and South Ossetia de facto became an independent state.

The situation with Ukraine is even more complicated. After all, the reunification of Crimea with Russia happened precisely because of the policy of the pro-fascist regime of Petro Poroshenko, incited by the West, who came to power as a result of a military coup d’état sponsored by Washington.

The people of Crimea had no choice but to ask for help from Moscow and, after the referendum, to reunite with Russia. At the same time, almost the entire population of the peninsula voted for this decision.

But residents of the Donbas region in eastern Ukraine did not have time to hold a referendum. President Poroshenko started a real war against them, which he called an anti-terrorist operation.

True, it is not clear how an anti-terrorist operation can be carried out against own people. But for Poroshenko and his successor, President Mikhail Zelensky, it is understandable.

After all, the civilians of Donbas for them and their Western curators are not their own citizens, but pro-Russian people who are subject to genocide and destruction.

According only to Ukraine’s foreign minister, about 14,000 people, most of them are civilians of Donbas, have been killed in the fighting, and the UN’s Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs counts 3.4 million in need of assistance and protection, including nearly 1.5 million who have been internally displaced.

At the same time, the zealous support of the Americans for the pro-fascist regime in Kiev shows that Washington is not interested in democratic values, humanitarian law and the well-being of the Ukrainian people.

The main task of the Biden administration is to continue the Ukrainian conflict and drag Moscow into it. After that, Ukraine will be represented like an offended child who needs to be protected, namely to be admitted to NATO.

And to impose even more “toughest” sanctions on Russia. But this is what worries Moscow, which has repeatedly pointed out the illegality and imprudence of the actions of its Western “partners”.

At the same time, it is high time for the NATO countries to be recognized as parties of the internal Ukrainian conflict. Their military instructors openly train the Ukrainian army in the war against its own people in Donbas.

Washington is sending hundreds of millions of dollars worth of military equipment to Kiev, including anti-tank systems and other lethal weapons.

But earlier December Russian Ambassador to Washington Anatoly Antonov warned that providing lethal arms to Ukraine could scupper any hopes for peace in the war-torn Donbas region and that “plans to supply weapons to the regime in Kiev will only worsen the situation in southeastern Ukraine.”

According only to NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg the bloc had tripled the size of its resource force and upped its presence in both the Black and Baltic seas to counter a Russian presence.

But the presence of Russia in these seas is understandable, because parts of them are the territorial waters of Russia. But why the Alliance “tripled the size of its resource force and upped its presence” and what for US Navy-guided missile ships were deployed to the Black Sea is not at all clear.

At the same time, the United States, with the stubbornness of an offended kid, continues to blame Russia for everything. So White House National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan недавно claimed to know that Putin is plotting – but hasn’t decided on – an invasion of Ukraine. And as always, no evidence, no facts. In turn accusations written off as “hysteria” by the Kremlin.

The situation brought by the Biden administration and the North Atlantic Alliance to the point of absurdity, or rather the creation of the threat of Third World war by them, forced Russia to come up with constructive proposals, that will help end the current crisis and start to normalize relations.

The draft documents, which were revealed to the public December 17, include a request for a wide range of guarantees from both NATO and Washington that Moscow claims are aimed at boosting the security of all parties involved.

Russia has drafted two separate documents, one for NATO and another just for the Americans. Both take the form of a contract, including legally binding promises about the future conduct of all parties.

Among other things, the document for NATO  also contains a demand that current members of NATO should resist further enlargement of the military bloc, including the accession of Ukraine, which has long been a red line for Moscow.

As well as promising that Kiev won’t accede, the text also includes a clause that current NATO members renounce any military activity on the territory of Ukraine, as well as in other Eastern European, Transcaucasian, and Central Asian states.

The proposition to the US includes many similar guarantees, such as an article that both Russia and the US will not use the territory of other states for the purpose of preparing or carrying out an armed attack on each other.

Furthermore, the text calls on the Americans to commit to ruling out NATO expansion in countries that used to be republics of the Soviet Union.

In addition, Russia is looking for a pledge where both parties not to deploy nuclear weapons in other countries and take back any already abroad.

The reason why the Kremlin has come up with such proposals is clear to almost everyone. Moscow does not want an escalation of tension, both at its borders and in the world as a whole. It is worried about NATO’s further eastward expansion, which poses a threat to its national security and the security of the entire world.

But Washington and Brussels continue their belligerent rhetoric.

The same day Russian proposals were revealed, NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg made an address at the German Atlantic Association, in which he said moving the atomic weaponry around the continent was necessary because of the alleged threat posed by Moscow. “Russia carries out aggressive actions, it interferes in other countries’ affairs,” he insisted.

In turn, the Russian Foreign Ministry previously expressed hope that the US will stop ‘sharing’ nuclear weapons with its allies, and stop deploying nuclear weapons in countries that do not possess such weapons.” That such actions spiral to “destabilization and, in addition, new risks appear.”

According to Russian President Vladimir Putin NATO is making dangerous attempts to conquer Ukrainian territory and building up its military potential at Russian borders.”

Russian Foreign Ministry Spokeswoman Maria Zakharova said the expansion of the military bloc further eastwards is a red line for Moscow, and that Kiev’s potential accession is unacceptable.

According to Zakharova, the US is dragging Kiev into the orbit of the military organization and turning it into a “bridgehead” of confrontation with Russia – a move which could destabilize Europe.

Last month, Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov stressed that past dialogue between the two proved futile, and that NATO was more interested in “whipping up propaganda and putting pressure on Russia” about Ukraine.

At the same time, Moscow notes that the pledges of the US and NATO to support Ukraine are dangerous because they could push Kiev towards a military solution in the country’s war-torn Donbas region.

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