Zimra pledges partnership with media in fight against corruption

Batsirai Chadzingwa

THE ZIMBABWE Revenue Authority (Zimra) has pledged to strengthen partnership with the media in the fight against corruption.

Speaking at a media event held under the theme Zimra Transformation — Past, Present and the Future in Bulawayo last week, Zimra commissioner Batsirai Chadzingwa said the fight against corruption needed the involvement of different stakeholders.

“Building and fostering partnerships with our clients and important stakeholders like the media fraternity is one thing we will not take for granted, since the achievement of our mandate is anchored on strong client and stakeholder engagement,” Chadzingwa said.

 “I call upon all of us not only to shun corruption, but also use your position within the media sector to condemn, highlight and write about corruption. Corruption is one of the biggest non-tariff barriers that makes our products less competitive on the international market and erodes investor confidence.”

Zimra has a whistle-blower facility and anti-corruption hotline, among others, for use by various stakeholders to report crimes of corruption.

“We will actively engage with our stakeholders, to hear their feedback and act on it. In the process, we will improve on our efficiencies and make it easier for you to comply.”

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