Gweru fails to pay workers again


GWERU — Gweru City Council has again failed to pay its workers on time, citing revenue problems, despite recent reports that the municipality splashed $2 million for senior and middle managers.

Stephen Chadenga

Town Clerk, Daniel Matawu in a statement, said council expected to pay salaries for the lower grades this this Friday if the cash inflow improved.

“Our inflows continue to lag behind our outflows,” he said. “Consequently we are unable to pay salaries and wages on the due date that is June 28.

“If inflows continue to come in, we expect to pay the lower grades by July 5,” reads part of the statement.

Last month the local authority purchased vehicles worth $2 million from an unidentified company in South Africa meant, reportedly, for its senior and middle managers.

At the time, Mayor Tedious Chimombe defended the move, saying the vehicles were not meant to be luxury ones, but part of a pool of cars to improve the city’s service delivery.

For the past months council has been failing to pay its workers on time, pointing to failure to generate enough revenue to meet all its obligations.