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Woman helps hubby pick second wife


IN a strange twist of events, a city woman is actively assisting her husband to secure a second wife to bear him more sons to “preserve his family tree”.


The couple, Mona and Nomusa Mlotshwa, which has been married for 25 years visited the Southern Eye offices yesterday and revealed their bizarre hunt for a “serious woman aged between 18 years and 35 years”.

Nomusa said she is supportive of her husband’s search for a second wife as she has been unable to bear him a son.

“I love my husband and any interested woman can come visit us at home,” said Nomusa. “She must, however, be prepared to undergo a rigorous interview exercise for her to qualify as my husband’s second wife. The interview will be conducted by me and my husband,” she said.

She added that after the interview, the successful “candidate” will then have to go for a compulsory HIV test.

“Once we have completed the interview exercise, the three of us shall go to hospital for an HIV test,” she said.

The Mlotshwas said they are prepared to pay lobola of 15 beasts for a woman who does not have a child, 11 beasts for a woman with one child and nine beasts for a woman with two children.

“I will be paying bride price for the woman depending on the number of kids she has. I don’t care whether she is crippled or not. All that I want is that my wife should be assisted by another woman in bearing me a son because right now I have one son and my surname is fast dying and we want to preserve it,” Mlotshwa said.

The couple said interested women should be prepared to reside in both Zimbabwe and South Africa because the couple has houses in both countries.

Those interested can visit the couple at 5847 Old Pumula, Bulawayo.

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