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Bulawayo’s popular outdoor leisure spots


BraaiTHIS week Southern Eye Lifestyle will take you around Bulawayo’s most popular braai joints. It will give you a brief outline on what is happening in these various entertainment joints that are described below.

It has become a popular place because of its proximity to fun lovers.

It is equidistant to most people be it from the western or eastern suburbs in Mpompoma-Matshobana.

It is known for its family touch that appeals to most people who want to have fun with their families, although sometimes it is charectersied by unbecoming behaviour from drunk patrons, mostly teenagers who engage in a relatively rowdy behaviour chasing conservatives in the joint.

Located 37 km along Bulawayo-Plumtree Road is a sister company to Esibayeni. It is popularly frequented by those with cars and is the favoured for the mature because of its serene conditions that are breathtaking due to nature in the surrounding areas.

It preferred by most people because it is an all-service joint where one can buy meat and drinks within the same shop. Patrons with families also love that it has a self-service supermarket where people can buy their wares and products while they have fun.

It is situated 20km along Matopos Road. It enjoyed its peak at the turn of the century, but suffered low business in late the 2000s due to harsh economic melt down.

Currently it is slowly picking with revellers occasionally visiting the spot on weekends.

Hillsdide Dams
It is one of the most reserved areas in the eastern suburbs mostly frequented by families, young couples and the youth.

It has braai facilities and alcohol within its premises. It is a multi-racial joint that has enjoyed business over the past two decades.

Popular hideout along Airport Road popularly frequented by the youth and gainfully employed adults.

It is known for its quality meat that is sold at competitive prices.

It has become a place for shows over the past years and it has continued to enjoy business.

It gained popularity over the last decade, but it suffered a major blow in 2008. It is, however, picking up and it is frequented by working class people who braai during the day when they are free during lunch hours in Bellevue.

It is located in Emakhandeni. It is loved by cross-border drivers popularly known as Omalayitsha.

They braai meat while playing music from their cars proving to each other who has the most powerful engine as they will be doing stunts with their vehicles especially Quantum’s.

It is located in Magwegwe North, a spot that is frequented by people of all walks of life.

It has become a permanent feature in the suburb and it’s popular because it has roped in people from various suburbs regardless of race and origin.

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