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Sabi Mine pays workers $15


MINES deputy minister Fred Moyo has said the recent closure of Sabi Mine was as a result of financial constraints that need to be tackled immediately.


“The position I want people to know is that Sabi has not closed as such, but the mine has faced cashflow challenges,” he said.

“But what I understand is that the money is being processed and we will not exceed more than three weeks before production commences at the gold mine.”

Moyo could not say whether Sabi’s woes were as a result of gross mismanagement and corruption.

“Just like any other mine, Sabi has got its own challenges and as I alluded before, they are being dealt with by the ministry and its management Zimbabwe Mining Development Corporation,” he said.

“It’s not our wish to see people swimming in poverty due to closure of mines that still have ore hence something will be done to foresee the commencement of production.”

Meanwhile, the mine paid workers $15 as wages after going for six months without pay.

The workers’ committee chairperson David Chiroirombo confirmed the latest development saying workers were disgusted.

“We were given $15 after a six-month dry spell and as workers we castigate management for such unholy action towards workers’ welfare,” Chiroirombo said.

The money was paid at the mine site as management feared it would be used up by bank charges had they deposited it into workers’ accounts.

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