It’s a free for all: Gumbo

“As far as we are concerned and as far as he (Mutasa) is concerned, the so-called team is illegal and he does not recognise the congress that took place in December.” Former Zanu PF spokesman, Rugare Gumbo,

UNDER-FIRE Zanu PF national spokesperson Rugare Gumbo has said chaos and disorder have become the order of the day in the party as it moves towards its December congress.


Gumbo described the situation as akin to a free for all, as an unprecedented purge of Zanu PF provincial chairpersons swung into full gear this week.

“As the situation stands there is no order and discipline that is why you find this happening,” he said yesterday. In recent weeks Zanu PF has been gripped by confusion, as senior members aligned to Vice-President Joice Mujuru are being pushed out of their positions.

Andrew Langa (Zanu PF Matabeleland South provincial chairperson

Already six provincial chairmen — Temba Mliswa of Mashonaland West, Killian Gwanetsa from Masvingo, Harare’s Amos Midzi, Ray Kaukonde from Mashonaland East and Matabeleland South’s Andrew Langa have had contentious votes of no confidence passed on them.

Gumbo, the subject of an ouster motion himself, said he was surprised by the nature of the motions of no confidence, advising that the party’s politburo would have a look at them.

“Yes, indeed they are in violation of a politburo resolution,” he said.

“However the politburo hasn’t sat, but it will definitely look into the matter.”

The party spokesman has described the votes of no confidence as a sad development, maintaining that this was the height of disorder.

“The politburo is going to solve these issues,” he said.

“If they were done unconstitutionally and unprocedurally, there is no way that the politburo will uphold something which is unconstitutional.”

Mujuru had all but retained her position as the party’s second secretary and vice-president of the country, but a purge of her perceived allies threatens her position ahead of the Zanu PF congress next month.

Justice minister Emmerson Mnangagwa

A faction reportedly linked to Justice minister Emmerson Mnangagwa has in recent weeks gained the momentum in Zanu PF’s ever murky succession wars.

Mujuru’s fortunes took a dip after First Lady Grace Mugabe accused her of corruption and plotting to unseat President Robert Mugabe.

Despite calls for civility ahead of the elective congress, Mujuru’s foes are upping their ante and details of her alleged corrupt dealings are being exposed.

Zanu PF’s politburo sat two weeks ago to discuss allegations of corruption against Mujuru, however, results of that meeting remain sketchy as different sides give conflicting statements.


  1. It is time for Mujuru to hit back. She cant take this lying down. The people opposing her don’t have credibility .Apart from manipulating the papers for their ends there is no ground support for them. Now is the time to go for Mugabe’s position.He has proved beyond reasonable doubt that he supports the divisive wife

  2. Although I do not wish to portray Mujuru as a saint, it does appear that the woman is resilient and will survive the storm raised by her opponents. In spite of the seemingly insurmountable odds stacked against her, this steely liberation war veteran (genuine) will undoubtedly emerge victorious from Z-PF’s upcoming elective congress. After that, “IT SHALL BE WELL” for long suffering Zimbos.

  3. Why are people impatient for VP Mujuru to retaliate against the other faction? Despite allegations of corruption brought against her, she has shown herself as being principled. I suspect that she is also a shrewd strategist who will have the last laugh. Go for it Teurai. Knock the socks off their slimy feet!

  4. Mujuru has majority support in the Politburo,which will nullify all the unconstituitional developments especially in Mashonaland East.The PCC organs are that matter,they are the ones that appoint members to Central Committee.The split must occur in Politburo itself,otherwise the noise from hungry unemployables is of no consequence.

  5. It seems these pushing out of MPs is planned but Mujuru she has acted diginified waiting for the elective congress ahead of him she make a surprise by winning the biggest seat.We hope some of the chairpersons be returned

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