Mujuru creates history

JOICE Mujuru has made history by becoming the first surviving former vice-president after being fired by President Robert Mugabe on Monday night.

Four other former vice-presidents all died in office leaving Mujuru as the first to survive on pension, which according to the Constitution is equivalent to the remuneration of a sitting vice-president.

President Robert Mugabe

President Robert Mugabe

Mugabe said he had relieved Mujuru and eight ministers of their duties “as it had become apparent that their conduct and performance were below the expected standard”, but those who cared to listen to First Lady Grace’s intemperate public attacks on the former vice-president, the removal had nothing to do with the reasons proffered. Mujuru is out because Grace wanted her “baby-dumped”.

Remember that Mugabe told outgoing Zanu PF central committee members last Saturday that Grace had written a note telling him to sit down saying he was talking too much. Mugabe further said that’s how he is treated at home and he had to listen to his wife and sat down.

So we anticipated no other outcome because Mugabe is obliged to listen to his wife. To say their conduct and performances were below the expected standard is simplistic, to borrow the president’s term. What standard is Mugabe talking about?

First Lady Grace Mugabe

First Lady Grace Mugabe

Did he set them any deliverables they failed to achieve or he showed them the door for simply being against his continued leadership of both the party and State?

Why not just say he was no longer happy with them since they were serving at his pleasure? This talk of standards is nonsense.

Mujuru’s crime was in aspiring for higher office and the only office higher than hers just happened to be occupied by Mugabe.

History has taught us that the man brooks no challenges, no wonder he has never been challenged as structures are coerced into endorsing him months or even years ahead of congress.

Vice President Joice Mujuru

Vice President Joice Mujuru

It’s untrue that anyone can contest for the presidency. There has never been such an election in Zanu PF.

Please Mr President, spare us the ouster claims and talk of standards, as they are non-existent. Please tell us how the firing will arrest the free falling economy, put food on the table or create employment.

Thousands of unemployed graduates are roaming the streets and our hospitals have no drugs, but Mugabe and his supporters are busy playing power games.

How does Mugabe explain retaining his clueless Psychomotor minister Josaya Hungwe and Lazarus Dokora (Primary and Secondary), Ignatius Chombo (Local Government), Kembo Mohadi (Home Affairs) and Mike Bimha (Industry and Commerce), to mention just but a few.

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