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Injiva goes berserk over HIV+ wife


A 38-YEAR-OLD man from Cowdray Park, who is based in South Africa, went berserk yesterday after he discovered that the rumours about his wife’s infidelity were true, after she tested HIV-positive.


The South Africa-based man, Thabisani Bhebhe, got home at about 9pm started throwing out property, while his wife, Siphilisiwe Bhebhe tried to explain what had happened.

“Allow me to talk to you so that I explain what exactly happened,” Siphilisiwe said with tears streaming down her eyes.

Bhebhe turned the house upside down, dragged out his mattress poured petrol on it before setting it alight, saying he would not sleep on a bed used by a woman of loose morals.

He shouted at the top of his voice, attracting neighbours, whom he told he had married an adulterous wife.

Bhebhe claimed his wife had used a love potion on him over the years, but this time the muthi had failed to work as he had been given “holy water” by his church and this had countered his wife’s juju.

“I am just happy that people still care about me, if they did not notify me of what my wife was doing behind my back I could be dead by now due to HIV,” he said.

Bhebhe insulted his wife in words not suitable for a family publication, while at the same time smashing windows of their house. He said he had received WhatsApp pictures and messages revealing his wife’s infidelity from an unknown source, who only identified herself as a neighbour.

“When I saw the messages I did not want to believe them, until that person told me to call at 11pm saying she was with a man,” Bhebhe said.

“When I called, she did not answer my call and she only responded the following day saying she had been asleep.”

With crowds gathering around their house following the commotion, Bhebhe packed his clothes and drove away.

A comment could not be obtained from the police.

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