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Kwekwe pastor hits back


REVEREND Tititi Moyo, who was accused of bullying farmers in Kwekwe, has issued a bizarre statement defending and casting himself as a victim of several conspiracy theories.

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Our sister paper, NewsDay last Saturday reported that Sherwood farmers demonstrated against Moyo, a neighbour to Acting President Emmerson Mnangagwa, at a function the vice-president hosted.

Strangely, Moyo said the accusations were repeated in the Southern Eye on that day, yet there was no publication on the said date.

Farmers accused Moyo of confiscating farmland, attacking stray beasts and setting his bouncers on fellow farmers who would have resisted his land grab.

However, in a full page response yesterday, Moyo, who claims to have prophesied independence, HIV and Aids and a host of other events, said allegations against him were motivated by malice and he suspected a hidden agenda.

“These false allegations do not at all come to us who know prophet Moyo as a surprise, for they are just a mere smear campaign against the man of God and a continuation of the conspiracy to kill the true prophet of God and unlawfully grab his properties, which he has worked tirelessly through his own sweat” part of the statement reads.

According to the statement, the conspiracy against Moyo dates back 40 years ago, while he was working for the Bulawayo City Council and he said politicians were some of his enemies.

“When he was still staying in Bulawayo some people were paid to shoot and kill him,” he claimed.

“He was shot and left for dead, but he miraculously survived.

“He was again stabbed with a knife and left for dead only to be seen the following morning alive and walking.”

Some of the miracles Moyo claims to have performed are making Labour Court president judge Mercy Moya Matshanga’s husband able to eat isitshwala and offals again.

Another man reportedly was cursed in Mozambique during the 1970s liberation war and could not each isitshwala for 27 years, but Moyo claims to have cast out that spell.

“He prophesied the second Chimurenga, how Rhodesia was going to attain its independence back in the early 1950s, during the Rhodesia and Nyasaland era,” the statement reads.

“He prophesied the coming of HIV and Aids well before the world got to know about it.”

Moyo said like most of the Biblical prophets, he was disliked and hated by many including politicians, because he had a powerful message from God.

To show that he was hated, Moyo said he was falsely accused of robbery, kidnapping, rape, assault, theft and housebreaking, which were all dismissed in court.

Moyo’s claims get even more outlandish, claiming he had raised a Zivai Shumba from the dead, two days after he had been in a morgue.

He said he had also cured a soldier of HIV and Aids, before naming a host of people he claimed were beneficiaries of his miracles.

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