How to track transactions in Bitcoin, Ethereum and other cryptocurrencies


Many people think that bitcoin is untraceable but it is not the truth. Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are not only traceable but the transactions are public, so even a 5-year-old child can watch them.

As the transactions in bitcoin and Ethereum, among others, are public, everyone can see them, which in principle no one knows, is whose the purses between which the transactions take place are.

So anonymity depends on whether you open a mondero in bitcoin or Ethereum and transfer data to third parties or not, for example:

-If you open an account in Coin base, as you have to give your ID, mail, bank account, telephone and others, you are as controlled as in a bank, people will see your bitcoin and Ethereum transactions and they will know that it is a Coin base wallet maybe, but no one will know your data except Coin base.

-If you open an online wallet that does not ask for data, type coin space, then only your IP will be known at most, and only that online wallet will know it (I mean the web itself).

-If you make yourself a wallet with a program on your desktop (which obviously depends), then nobody will know anything, in principle.

How to track transactions in Bitcoin, Ethereum and others

To consult any transaction in bitcoin we will need a program that downloads the blockchain book and interacts with it. But since not all of us can become one due to lack of knowledge. Well, we simply have to use one of the many that exist.

Bitcoins website is only the most popular of many websites and desktop applications that download the cryptocurrency transaction book such as Bitcoin or Ethereum, since the transactions are as I said, public and forever. So once downloaded what these programs do is order the information so that people see it easily and it is practical, is also getting popularity these days in the world of bitcoin.

For example, in crypto news the authors of articles on the web leave in the footer of each article their addresses in cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin or Ethereum for us to donate.

Here you have an example in krypton news. Go to the previous link and in the footer you donate and they will show you the purses. In the case of the author of the previous link, it is this wallet: 17D58eeDHC3SMzUJErdXmfoHzCcxfovF3m

It is your public address and so we can donate to you, but we can also see all your transactions.

We will be able to see the total income and the money taken to other wallets and therefore we will see the money that is right now, as you see in the previous screenshot, in that specific BTC wallet there is: 0.065826 BTC.

And in total, a little more than 0.3 bitcoin, which right now would be more than 1,000 Euros or USD, has been entered over time until the time of writing this article.

At the end of the capture you see a transaction, from which purse to which, the sum of the transaction and the date. But if we scroll we will see all the transactions of the wallet since its creation.

Note: we have used blockchain but there are many other web tools for the same, like block explorer.

Everything is public, and you only need to download the book of each blockchain and order the information, which many websites and applications do.

And if we wanted to see the same thing but with Ethereum, because we go to the initial link to crypto news that I put a few paragraphs above, we take the public address of the purse in Ethereum that the blogger has put so that they donate, we go to blockchain, paste the address of the wallet and that’s it, we see all the transactions with their dates and amounts, the total balance, etc.

And by this I meant the beginning of the article that everything is public but can be anonymous. It all depends on whether we trust third parties or not since blockchain, both bitcoin and Ethereum, are public and anonymous.