Gwanda policeman runs over pedestrian


A GWANDA police officer will soon appear in court to face charges of driving without a licence and due care after running over a pedestrian.

By ALBERT NCUBE, Own Correspondent

Constable Wilson Mtanzwa ran over Martin Dube’s left foot while driving a green Mazda van, resulting in him sustaining two serious fractures.

Matabeleland South provincial police spokesperson, Assistant Inspector Christopher Ngwenya confirmed the incident and said a docket was already with the courts.

“We have handed the docket to the courts and the accused will face two charges,” he said.

A number of police officers have in recent days found themselves in trouble with the law, as some of them do not have the required licences and documentation for their vehicles.

Matabeleland South provincial magistrate Douglas Vakayi Chikwekwe last week lamented the increase in the number of unlicensed drivers while passing sentence on a motor mechanic accused of driving without a licence.

Some accidents in the province have been caused by unlicensed drivers who face fines of up to $300 or six months in prison if convicted.