Pathisa Nyathi publishes new book


RENOWNED Bulawayo historian and educationist Pathisa Nyathi has published a new book, The Story of Geoffrey Bizen Mkwanazi, to be launched on July 13.


In the book Nyathi compiles an account of the life history of the chairman of the executive of the Assemblies of God church, Reverend Goeffrey Bizeni Mkwanazi, from his birth in 1929 to 2009. Nyathi published the book under his label, Amagugu Publishers in Luveve.

“We are happy that this project, which we started in 2009, has finally come to an end. It also talks of the history of the Assemblies of God church and the Pentecost community and the Christian fraternity at large,” he said.

The new book details how Mkwanazi, in the past, picked up bad habits and corruptible tendencies, sneaking into South Africa under a false identity, getting jailed and being born again while in prison, and how he spiritually influenced other inmates in prison.

Nyathi also said that the history of Zimbabwe, pre and post-colonial, and the apartheid era in South Africa is highlighted in the book.

The idea of writing the book was the brainchild of Eunice Dlamini, who also facilitated funds for all the costs that were inquired.

“I have always admired the leadership of Rev Mkwanazi and this led to the idea of compiling a book as a dedication to his life and service. I wish that everyone who reads the book may find Jesus,” he said.

Mkwanazi said he was happy that Nyathi and Dlamini worked together on this book about his life and service.

Mkwanazi was born in 1929 into a Nguni family in Southern Rhodesia (now Zimbabwe). He and his wife, Eleanor did pastoral work in South Africa, Sweden, US and Zimbabwe and he is now leading the Assemblies of God church which was formed by Rev Nicholas Bhengu.


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