Back to school for teachers


PRIMARY school teachers from four Zimbabwe cities have been engaged in a drill training programme facilitated by a United Kingdom-based educational psychologist and author.

Report by Pamela Mhlanga

World Links, in a statement, said the one-day workshops were on teaching, handwriting reading and spelling skills (THRASS), English phonics drill workshops were scheduled to take place from June 14 to June 18 in Bulawayo, Gweru, Nyanga and Harare.

“The THRASS English Phonics Drill one-day workshop is targeted at primary school teachers and pre-service teachers,” read the statement.

“It focuses on the new English phonics chart drill presently being introduced to thousands of schools in the Caribbean, Europe and Africa.”

World Links said the participants would be introduced to the “44 I Can skills” and the respective drill training in an exciting and lively way that they would be able to implement with their students as well as introduce to other teachers.

“Each participant will receive a certificate of attendance and a THRASS kit to take away,” the organisation said.

It said the participants would be expected to pay workshop fees of $30 per person towards costs including lunch and refreshments.

“Schools are encouraged to fund as many teachers as possible to attend as this will benefit the whole school,” World Links said.

World Links is an independent non-profit organisation based in Washington DC and it has expanded to over 30 developing countries.

Through the creation of public-private partnerships, the organisation works with Education ministries to provide programmes that show teachers how to integrate technology into their lessons.
The teachers, in turn, will impact youth by enhancing the quality of education they provide.