‘MDCs are in the gravy train’


KWEKWE — MDC-T leaders are hypocrites who have in the past discouraged their supporters from participating in the land reform and indigenisation programmes while their top leadership are reaping benefits from such schemes, a top Zanu PF youth leader has alleged.


Speaking at Misa-Zimbabwe and Organising For Zim joint youth leadership forum in Amaveni, Kwekwe, on Saturday, Zanu PF provincial leader Tanaka Manyadza, who is also Midlands board chairman of the Zimbabwe Youth Council, said most of the top youth leaders in the MDC-T who have been castigating Zanu PF projects had benefited from them.

Manyadza singled out MDC-T secretary for youth assembly Promise Mkwananzi, whom he said was a beneficiary of the Kurera Youth Fund.

“Youths and the general populace of Zimbabwe should be wary of their leaders who ask them to shun programmes which will benefit them,” he said.

“These people, like Promise Mkwananzi of the MDC-T, are beneficiaries of Zanu PF-run programmes yet they tell others not to participate. We gave him money from the Kurera fund.”

However, Mkwananzi denied that he had received any funding, saying “whoever is saying that must provide documentary proof”. MDC-T Mbizo district youth chairperson Searchmore Muringani, said his party was never against indigenisation or land reform, but said Zanu PF carried out these national programmes in a “barbaric and partisan” manner, which left the people poorer.

“Zanu PF wants to take 51% of foreign-owned companies. But why are they just taking from those that are thriving? For example we will be happy if they take 100% of Ziscosteel and turn it around. Then we can use it as a case study,” he said.

“Sadly all programmes are disguised as intended to benefit the general populace of Zimbabwe when they are tailor-made to fatten the stomachs of top Zanu PF leaders and a few of their cronies.

“The MDC-T is against this. It will ensure every Zimbabwean regardless of political party will participate in the future of our country and benefit.”
The meeting brought together youth leaders from all the major political parties.

MDC led by Welshman Ncube was represented by Walter Kwirirai, who blasted Zanu PF, saying they were a party of the past with ageing youth leaders who have no plan for the future.