Bulawayo job seekers to lose stand


THE Bulawayo City Council is set to repossess a stand in Thorngrove suburb that was designated for use as an employment creation project by the Zimbabwe Unemployed Self-Reliant Solidarity Organisation (Zusso) after the organisation failed to develop the land since 1993.

Report by Pamela Mhlanga

According to the latest council minutes, the Housing and Community Services director Isaiah Magagula had reported that according to the council on November 17 1993, an agreement of lease had been entered into between Zusso and the city council.

“Construction should have commenced six months from the date of the agreement of lease and completed 24 months later,” the minutes read. “The stand was designated for use as an employment creation project.”

The local authority revealed that a site inspection of the stand, however, had shown that to date no development had taken place on the stand and there was no sign that work would commence soon. The minutes also stated that a non-compliance notice by the council had been written to the organisation on October 19 2012 and there had been no response.

The Housing and Community Services Department had circulated the intention to repossess the stand to other council’s departments asking for comments.

According to the minutes, of Engineering Services director Simela Dube had written that there were no town planning objections to the proposed repossession of stand 15516 BT from Zusso due to failure to adhere to conditions of the lease agreement.

“Please note that the stand in question measures 18545ha in extent, as such it cannot be allocated as a whole to a single applicant,” he said. “My department is working on the subdivision of stand 15516 Thorngrove and the resultant stands will be handed over to you for allocation as soon as they are ready.”

Health Services director Zanele Hwalima said there were no objections to the stand being repossessed considering the time the applicant has been given to develop it.

“However, on the establishment of a church thereafter, the Town Planning Section will be better placed to advice on the compatibility of church activities with the local plan if the stand is at Thorngrove Industrial sites,” she said.

The Housing and Community Services Department had no objection to the stand being repossessed as the account was not billing.

According to the minutes, it was resolved to recommend to the finance and development committees that the land be repossessed.