Zanu PF contemptuous of Sadc, Zimbabweans


ZANU PF actions and statements in the aftermath of the weekend Sadc summit in Mozambique clearly demonstrate that the party is determined to stampede the country into another disputed election.

Southern Eye Editorial

President Robert Mugabe appeared to be endorsing recommendations of the summit, which included an appeal that he must seek a Constitutional Court extension to his controversial July 31 day poll proclamation.

But true to his party’s record of deceit and before the ink dries on the Sadc communiqué, Mugabe and Zanu PF are already singing a different tune.

Justice minister Patrick Chinamasa is saying contrary to the collective Sadc view that Zimbabwe still has to level the electoral playing field through security sector, media and electoral reforms, the country will go to the polls under the prevailing environment.

Chinamasa has thrashed the Sadc resolutions claiming that the facilitator and South African President Jacob Zuma was biased against Zanu PF in his assessment of the situation in Zimbabwe.

That contempt was also reflected in the minister’s application to the Constitutional Court where he made a half-hearted appeal for the extension of the poll date to August 14.

Chinamasa disassociated Zanu PF from the Sadc resolutions claiming the party’s submissions to regional leaders were ignored.

The arrogance displayed by Chinamasa has been the hallmark of Zanu PF’s participation in the dysfunctional inclusive government whose life is coming to an end with the expiry of the Global Political Agreement (GPA).

Despite short-lived gains on the economic front, the inclusive government has been a disaster largely because reforms that were recommended by regional leaders through the GPA were not implemented.

As we approach elections, it is becoming clearer which party in the GPA has been resisting reforms.

Zanu PF is clearly afraid of an election where Zimbabweans are free to elect leaders of their choice in an environment where there is no chance that the outcome will be manipulated.

Mugabe and his party, it would appear, still need the help of security forces even through unconstitutional means and a partisan State media that goes to all lengths to keep the party in power.

However, we need to remind Zanu PF of the saying: “You may fool all the people some of the time, but you can’t fool all of the people all the time.”

Zimbabweans will make their choices on the ballot papers come election day and the arrogant politicians will have no one to blame except themselves.