Welshman Ncube confident of victory


MDC LEADER Welshman Ncube yesterday said he is confident that he will be the next President of Zimbabwe and he would not be contesting if he thought he would not win.

Report by Staff Reporter

Ncube will battle it out with President Robert Mugabe, Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai, Kisnoti Mukwazhe of the Zimbabwe Democratic Party and Zapu’s Dumiso Dabengwa, for the country’s top post in elections set for July 31.

“I have faith and believe in the people of Zimbabwe,” he said on microblogging site, Twitter. “I would not be leading the MDC and running in the election if I did not believe I will win.”

Ncube said his party was contesting in every province of Zimbabwe and he was confident that the work he had done would pay off.

“In short, yes I do believe that I will win,” he declared. “I invite you to go to my (Facebook) wall and the MDC website and review some of the work we have been doing.”

In a subtle dig at the rival MDC-T, Ncube said he was on a mission to save Zimbabwe from a false change.

“What we want is to save people from a false revolution, so that the end of one struggle does not become the beginning of another,” the MDC leader said.

“We say what we mean. We are not for deceiving people as some are in the habit of. Our pledge is an honest, servant leadership.”

On prospects of a pact with Tsvangirai’s party, Ncube said he would not waste energy only to be left at the altar.

In 2007 the two MDCs had all but agreed on a coalition pact ahead of the 2008 elections, but the MDC-T made a U-turn and scuppered the coalition plans.

Despite both MDCs publicly saying they would accept a coalition, plans to forge a pact have so far failed.


  1. Welshman Ncube you are a dreamer zveshuwa kuda kutonga iwe uchizivikanwa ku Matebeleland chete, uku kupenga uku.

  2. The best that Welshmen can do is just seek for a regrouping with Morgan, otherwise I see him not winning alone. I love that he has a positive outlook, but ask those that lost, they campaigned with such great vigor and with a positive outlook but they kissed the floor. For you just to retain a better political post, join Morgan

  3. peep suprise me
    why do they want ncube a small party to join tsvangirai?
    mdc-t i screwed for life – busy shutting out ncube from monday tea meetings

  4. I wonder where these proffesors were educated,Did this guy know the meaning of the word victory ?

  5. Go ahead and campaign hard Ncube we are behind you. Victory is certain because you stand for principles that all peace loving Zimbabweans want.

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