Woman bites husband’s lip over sex


Gweru — A-23-year-old woman from Ascot, Gweru, was last Friday found guilty of domestic violence after she bit her husband’s lower lip when he demanded his conjugal rights.

Report by Stephen Chadenga

Beatrice Maphosa was caught red handed chatting to a lover on her cellphone, by her husband Tatenda Matyukira and when he demanded to know who she was talking to, the accused could not give a satisfactory answer.

Incensed, the complainant seized her phone and demanded that if there was nothing going on between herself and the person she was talking to on the phone, then they should go to bed and have sex. Instead the accused bit the lower lip of her husband.

In her judgment, Gweru magistrate Getrude Mayenyoso said it was clear that the accused had assaulted her husband, since a medical report showed that there were teeth marks on the husband’s lower lip. She said she would deliver sentence today.

The accused had denied that she had bitten her husband, claiming he had stabbed himself with a knife in a bid to attack her.

The court heard that on June 28, the accused was talking to an alleged boyfriend on the phone when her husband demanded to know about the conversation.

She refused to reveal the relevant details and the complainant snatched the phone and demanded his conjugal rights. Maphosa then bit him on his lower lip. Andrew Marimo prosecuted.