Victoria Falls man appeals for help


A 53-year-old man from Victoria Falls, Jeffery Mbuyazwe, is appealing for funding so he can travel to India to seek treatment for a chronic eye disease.

Luyanduhlobo Makwati

Mbuyazwe said his condition started as a pimple below the eye, but it ended up being cancerous and he had to seek treatment in Zambia.

After he received treatment, the cancer started recurring and as a result, doctors have told him to go and seek treatment in India.

Mbuyazwe said he is in serious pain and at times he fails to perform his fatherly roles due to illness.
“I am in pain and I am appealing to any well-wisher who can assist me so that I can go for treatment in India,” he said.

“The doctors who treated me told me that the best  hospital that deals with my condition is in India and I am calling upon all those who can help me to assist in cash or kind so that I can undergo surgery,” he added.

Mbuyazwe can be contacted at 3132 Chinotimba Victoria Falls or on 0779 555 965.
The operation will cost $10 000.