Sibanda attacked over Dabengwa ‘tribalist’ remarks


ZIMBABWE National Liberation War Veterans’ Association leader Jabulani Sibanda has come under fire for attacking Zapu leader Dumiso Dabengwa.

Staff Reporter

A former war veterans’ leader Andrew Ndlovu said Sibanda had neither the capacity nor the authority to attack Dabengwa, as he had no liberation war experience.

“I want to challenge Jabulani to tell the people of Zimbabwe what he did for them in the liberation struggle other than trying to belittle Dabengwa now,” he said.

“Jabulani joined the liberation struggle at the end of 1979.
“He was relaxed in Angola and never fought any battle against the (Ian) Smith regime, not even an ambush or a raid.
“Dabengwa, on the other hand, is among the first Zipra commandos who fought against the Rhodesian forces.”

Sibanda was quoted by the State media attacking Dabengwa following the Zapu leader’s electoral pact with MDC, describing the union as a tribal alliance.

Ndlovu said Sibanda had been liberated by the likes of Dabengwa and his “nonsense and undemocratic talk he is making now is from the freedom he got from the sacrifices of the Zapu leader”.

“The nation and the people of Matabeleland know the sacrifices made by Dabengwa towards the liberation of the country,” he said.
“Sibanda has never had any respect for any senior PF-Zapu political leaders and the Zipra high command.”

Ndlovu said they were no longer sure whether  Sibanda went for training in Angola through Zambia for intentions of liberating the country or had ulterior motives.

“His behaviour is that of a sellout,” he charged.
“He is not an asset to any party and does not deserve to lead the war veterans.”

Ndlovu said Sibanda was going out of his way to please some leaders within Zanu PF by saying anything Zapu or Zipra was tribal.
“He is a foolish and unintelligent young man who should go and do farming and leave politics,” he said.

“He has no capacity or authority to attack Dabengwa. There is no crime in reviving Zapu.
Efforts to get a comment from Sibanda bore no fruit as he could not be reached on his mobile phone.

This is not the first time, Sibanda’s war credentials have been questioned, with others insinuating that he had been too young to participate in the liberation war.