Welshman Ncube dismisses minority tag


MDC leader Welshman Ncube yesterday dismissed sceptics who allege that his party is made up of the minority.

Report by Khulani Nkabinde

Addressing a rally at Stanley Square, Makokoba, Ncube said those who have been claiming that the MDC is made up of “a few people” need to see psychiatrists.

“Those who say that we are few need to have their heads examined,” Ncube said to thunderous applause from hundreds of his supporters who thronged the venue dressed in green — the party’s colours.

“Those who say we are few want to perpetuate the oppressor’s philosophy that people in Matabeleland are few.

“Let them come and see for themselves the kind of support that we have,” Ncube said.
Stanley Square was packed to capacity.

Opposite the stage and sitting on the terraces were some of his die-hard supporters who were also carrying tree branches and singing incessantly.

“Zimbabwe is a very rich country, but look where we are now because people in Zanu PF allocate wealth to themselves, their friends and families,” he said.

Ncube said his party had three main agendas.

“We want devolution of power which, thanks to God, is already covered in the new Constitution,” he said.

“We also want equal distribution of wealth. Lastly we want to ensure that Zanu PF is out of power,” he added. His supporters immediately broke into song dismissing President Robert Mugabe saying he should just “go back to Zvimba” — his rural homestead.