100-year-old voters, duplicates alarm Zapu

“We need to be a united front so that everybody has space and we are able to give opportunities of being represented,”

Zapu last week submitted complaints to the African Union (AU) over numerous discrepancies in the voters’ roll, claiming there were more than 21 000 names of people more than 100 years old and over 100 duplicated names. Five people had gender that was not stated.


Zapu leader Dumiso Dabengwa said they had discovered the anomalies after they acquired the voters’ roll.

“We then set out to analyse the said voter’s roll,” he said.

“The first comment I have to make is that the previous list contained 317 000 odd entries. The current list we interrogated now has 40 000.”

Dabengwa said the two rolls raised a lot of suspicion and called for an investigation.

“The fundamental point is that without a completely new voter’s registration and a completely new voter’s roll, it is pointless having elections in our country,” he said then.

“If Zapu had the resources, it would certainly take these matters to the Constitutional Court to draw attention to what we have long been saying, that there is a serious flaw in the voters’ roll and the result of these elections can never be considered as free and fair.”

The Zapu leader said he wondered why other parties had not taken the matter seriously.

“Our vice-president presented this concern to AU chairperson on July 26,” he said.

Dabengwa said the party also established that 143 people in the voters’ roll were sharing the same first, last names, same date of birth and in some instances sharing the same identity numbers.

Some names shared even the same residential addresses.

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