Zanu PF ‘imposters’ cause jitters


Panic has gripped Bulawayo companies after a number of organisations claiming links to Zanu PF visited them demanding to know their financial situations, saying this was in line with the party’s indigenisation policy.

Nduduzo Tshuma, Staff Reporter

But Zanu PF Bulawayo provincial deputy secretary for indigenisation and empowerment George Mlala distanced the party from the organisations saying they were waiting for a programme from the government.

But insiders told Southern Eye that the organisations were linked to some party members who have been visiting struggling companies in the Belmont area promising them money from the Distressed Industries and Marginalised Areas Fund (Dimaf.)

“We understand some party officials are going around asking companies of their requirements,” a source said.

“The officials are saying that since Zanu PF won majority seats in the recent elections, the party would be in charge of dispersing funds to revive industry. Some have demanded stakes in the companies in line with the indigenisation policy.

“The owners of industries are now confused on what exactly is the motive of these people.”

However, Mlala said Zanu PF had not started any programme of that nature.

“Maybe it’s just individuals who have been perceived to be Zanu PF yet they are not,” he said.

“Whoever claims to be coming from the party should positively identify themselves and prove they belong to us otherwise we don’t have a programme like that.

“I have read that there are some youth organisations that have been visiting flats asking why some tenants were charged rentals above those stipulated by the Rent Board, but they don’t belong to us.”

Mlala added: “The party has not embarked on any programme on indigenisation and empowerment so far.

“If there are any programmes, announcements will be made.

“People visit those companies as individuals or as organisations with no links to Zanu PF. It may be inferred that they are coming from the party, but it is not necessarily true.”

Last year, Zanu PF youths invaded buildings in the city owned by members of the white and Indian communities.

They were, however, evicted by the police.


  1. the southern eye sounds, off late, like a covert zanu pf mouth piece that wants readers to believe it stands for the people of matabeleland. but your mission is simply to miseaid matabeleland into zanu pf’s hands.

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