Families to take turns at Parliament swearing-in


SPOUSES and children of incoming legislators will take turns to sit in the Parliament gallery to witness the swearing-in ceremony on Tuesday, due to limited space in the House of Assembly.

Report by Staff Reporter

In a statement yesterday, the Clerk of Parliament, Austin Zvoma, said legislators are permitted to bring along a spouse and three children to witness their swearing-in.

“Members being sworn in for the first time are advised that they are entitled to be accompanied by their spouses and not more than three children under the age of 18 years, to witness the occasion,” the statement said.

“Members are also advised that due to limited space in the public gallery in the chamber of the national assembly, spouses and children will take turns to sit in the gallery to witness their spouses being sworn in.”

There will be 270 legislators in the lower House of Assembly this year, far more than Parliament can accommodate.

Recently, Zvoma revealed that due to limited space, some legislators will have to follow proceedings while standing.

Parliament is also expected to fork out hundreds of thousands of dollars in accommodation and meals for legislators based outside Harare.

“Members are entitled to a travelling allowance in respect of the return journey between their homes and Parliament, but they will be reimbursed at a later date,” the notice reads.

“Parliament of Zimbabwe will meet dinner, bed and breakfast expenses for Members of Parliament only up to a maximum of $120 per day.

“Members from outside Harare, who decide to use accommodation other than hotel accommodation, will also be paid a private accommodation rate of $60 a day at a later date.”