OPINION: Power of beauty!


UNIVERSALLY, people are attracted to things that are beautiful.


One of the attributes a man apparently looks out for in a woman that he would like to marry is beauty.

Beauty parlors, like hair salons, are frequented by people that want to enhance their prettiness through face make-up and manicure.

The underlining factor in all those things is enhancing beauty!

The power of beauty can never be underestimated in any facet of life and this includes the world of success.

In my talk at different forums, I have discovered that some people lack confidence because they think they are not good-looking enough.

In some instances, self esteem has been lost merely because a person thinks he or she is not handsome or beautiful enough. In a number of marriages, spouses have been manipulated to believe that they are not fine-looking by their partners.

Talking with a speaker and writer Arthur Marara, he said: “True beauty starts from the inside and manifests on the outside.”

In other terms, the beautiful world that we paint in the inside, determines the outer beauty to be manifest.

So is our internal negative outlook that we pile up, it will eventually mar our outside looks and results.

I have always wondered why some of the cutest people have divorced, failed in life and struggle with inferiority complex.

Today, let’s focus on six things that would help us live in the beautiful land of our personal success.

Pulchritude: It pertains to physical beauty. Don’t condemn yourself because of the way you look. Successful people see beauty in the inside and relive it on the outside.

Life is not determined by how we look, but how we look at it!

Pictures: The simplest way to create your life is to have pictures of it; pictures in your mind sphere.

The major problem with most people is that they have lived with the pictures of the past, problems, pain and poor background. Goodwill Shana, in the foreword to my book The Big You says:

“. . . people may be born naked, but no one comes empty in this world. Everyone is born with a God-given ability, gift and destiny that they and they alone can discover and unleash”. See those great pictures!

Packaging: It has been generally said that we are addressed the way we are dressed. Read that again!

Manage your self-image well by placing an expensive beauty price tag on yourself. Small things add value to your looks.

These include: bathing, proper make-up, dressing well, brushing your teeth and smiling. Remember, before people see your great heart, they see your outside looks!
 Purpose: A beautiful life is the one with purpose.

A purposeful life is rewarding, fruitful and fulfilling for you and for others. The beauty of anything is found in its purpose.

 Perceptions: people will never cease to have their own view-points about your ability, looks and what you could possibly achieve.

While others are poking into your life, don’t stop walking towards your destiny.
The same people that are talking ill of you could be the same people that clap their hands as you walk up to the podium.

People centre: The best asset you have is other people. See beauty and greatness in other people.

The people that I will not forget in my life are those that came and said: “You can make it even when odds showed otherwise”.

Who said: “you are strong”, when I was just left with an ounce of stamina to hit the finish line.

Parting point: Ashley Smith once wrote: “Life is full of beauty. Notice it.
Notice the humble bee, the small child and the smiling faces. Smell the rain and feel the wind. Live your life to the fullest potential and fight for your dreams”.
The best beauty that most people are yet to discover are the jewels of greatness crammed inside of them.

Bubble in the beauty that God has blessed you with!


  1. Great motivational and authentic article. Keep it up Jonah! Yes, we need to start living and loving life, for it is beautiful and worth to be lived to its fullest without doubt or fear!

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