Obert Mpofu’s company lays-off 70 workers


A COMPANY owned by Zanu PF politburo member and Mines minister Obert Mpofu and his wife Sikhanyisiwe — Trebo and Khays (Pvt) Ltd — has reportedly terminated contracts of 70 workers at short notice, citing a liquidity crisis.

A contract termination letter, dated September 4 and signed by the human resources manager S Dube, says the company was failing to service its wage bill due to the poor performance of the economy.

“We regret to advise that we are unable to renew your contract effective September 4,” the letter reads.

“This is due to the current economic challenges marked by low business. Notable has been the liquidity crisis, resulting in delayed salaries and failure to finance the wage bill and other statutory obligations.”

The letter further states should the situation improve, employees will be offered an equal opportunity for placement.
“Please return your uniforms and protective clothing,” the letter states.

“Management would like to thank you for your stint with the organisation.”

Affected employees, who spoke to Southern Eye yesterday, said it was sad that the employer had to terminate their contracts without prior notice leaving them stranded.

“They should have told us in advance before implementing their move,” a disgruntled former employee said.

“I just collected my contract termination letter today (yesterday).”

Dube declined to comment yesterday.

“Unfortunately the company’s spokesperson is out of town, he is the only person allowed to talk to the Press. You’d better call later, because I am not even allowed to disclose who the spokesperson is,” he said.

Mpofu yesterday declined to comment, referring questions to the human resources officer.

“Ah no! Talk to the human resources officer, I do not talk for the company,” he said.

Mpofu is considered one of the richest people in the country and has in the past boasted he had never been poor.
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  1. is it poor managerial skills or its the sanctions? as usual, lets just say it is the British and the Americans who are sabotaging businesses of patriotic Zimbabweans.

    it is indeginisation gone wrong!!!!!! chave chimurenga

  2. It’s hard to lose a job on a short basis like this. These are 70 jobs lost within 5 weeks after election and the gvt expects to create 2,2 million jobs really!!?

  3. In other jurisdictions the accumulation of wealth has been closely related to one’s proximity to the means of production and connections in the corridors of power. It would be interesting to hear how some people got to be worth US$Millions in wealth?. Zivai Anopa Nyope Upfumi – Paari Fungisisai.

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