Why are celebrities in love with sex tapes?


THE NEW Cabinet ministers and their ministries were unveiled last week. Tinopona “Tin Tin” Katsande released a sex “tape” hot on the heels of the one by Pokello Nare.

What has become of Zimbabwean celebrities and their obsession with sex recordings? I am still baffled as I try to understand why our entertainers are so in love with recording their bedroom romps.

Privacy as they may call it, does not mean one should lose decent morals. Just because you are doing or recording something in private, it does not mean you are at liberty to disregard decency. Call me old school for all I care, but I do not seem to find any reason at all why one would record on camera such material.

For what purpose? For what later use? Do these people use these recordings for marketing? To start with, do they even appreciate their status in society to expose themselves in such shame?

Dear Zimbabwe, please assist me and tell me one good reason why you have to keep your bedroom activity on video record. Do you watch the “movie” later on and marvel at it or do you need it for later reference? It’s mind boggling.

When we grew up as boys we always had points to prove. It was heroic to be seen with, let alone date the most beautiful girl at school or college. Sometimes your friends would not believe you and there would be need to provide evidence of the relationship before you could be accorded the heroic medal.

Evidence comprised letters and photographs back then. I find it sad that most of our entertainers and celebrities have not learnt anything from this.

As a popular woman musician, actor and dancer many a gentleman out there admire you apparently for various reasons ranging from good to seeking to embarrass you.

The good ones love your music and will even be inspired to take your hand in marriage. The bad guys seek to prove that you are not invincible. They seek to tell the world that as much as you may be celebrated, they managed to shame you by bedding you and even recording it on camera.

That is why in most of the movies the recorder avoids to have his face in the clip. It just serves as evidence of conquering your mightiness.

The male artistes and celebrities are also not immune to this either. There are many women who compete to be “chosen ones” in your life simply for the fact that you are a public figure and popular. No sooner than you fall for them they will seek to possess you totally with such explicit material from photographs to video clips.

These are also a form of security for the future. The truth is relationships do not always end happily ever after and therefore when things turn sour and spanners are thrown at each other, these recordings work to one’s disadvantage.

They may be leaked to the media and as a person who depends on the public forum for a living, you are bound to be the worst loser. I shudder to think that if you have children and family who attend school and even work, how detrimental can your moment of madness be to their livelihood. Traumatic!

Simple word of advice to all celebrities. “Think before you act!” You do not stop being a public figure, an exemplary person and a role model to society the moment you are behind closed doors unless it’s all an act.

The ZIFM breakfast show presenter Katsande’s video sex tape went viral. It’s now international.

Pokello’s sex tape also crossed oceans and by day-end of the video leak, almost anybody with Whatsapp and a Facebook account knew who Pokello was. Cry my beloved country! Is that how much sex and nudity sells in a “Christian” country?

Who should be viral right now? Who should be hitting headlines and at the lips of every Zimbabwean?

Did you know that Zimbabwean writer NoViolet Bulawayo is the first black African to be nominated for the prestigious Man Booker Prize? I’m not surprised that you frown and wonder who the heavens she is.

At least you know Pokello and Tin Tin. The joyful news of NoViolet’s success is only muted amongst her friends, family and admirers while almost everyone who matters is talking about Pokello and Katsande, viewing and forwarding the graphic videos on Whatsapp and Facebook.

NoViolet, born Elizabeth Zandile Tshele, is the first Zimbabwean to be shortlisted for the prestigious award and will be the fourth African to scoop it if she wins on October 15th.

Who cares? Yes, she has received media coverage, but it is saddening to note that trivial and rather obscene news seem to overshadow such great achievements by one of our own.
Surely she has done what the Kirsty Coventrys and Peter Ndlovus have done for Zimbabwe and we ought to give her proper recognition.

 The new Cabinet was announced and I welcome the new standalone Sport, Arts and Culture ministry. It was long overdue. I, however, still hope that sport does not overshadow culture and that in the future we specify arts. Culture is not an absolute definition of the arts. Related as they may be they are significantly different.

I am also concerned about our marriage with the Education ministry which should not be ignored. Culture and arts are a prerequisite in the educational curriculum and that should be maintained.

I also believe Andrew Langa has the potential to develop the industry judging by his promotion of local groups at various events in his home area Filabusi. It’s a good starting point.