Bosso, DeMbare regalia scandal


POLICE yesterday raided a city shop which allegedly sells fake Highlanders Football Club replica jerseys.


The shop situated along Robert Mugabe Way was displaying Highlanders and Dynamos replica jerseys, selling them for $15. The originals sell for $50 each.

On being asked if there were any other Highlanders jerseys that the shop was selling, the shop assistant first denied before she later produced nine more jerseys from the shelves.

On being questioned about the origin of the jerseys, the shop assistant said she did not know as she is not the owner of the shop.
She was then asked where the rest of the jerseys were and she indicated that they were at another shop in the Jason Moyo Street branch.

She was asked to pack the 10 jerseys and escort the police to the second branch.

However, there were no Highlanders jerseys in sight at the Jason Moyo branch. The male salesperson at the shop said they sold Highlanders jerseys before, but did not have any in stock.

The man was asked if they were authorised to sell the Highlanders and Dynamos replica jerseys, but he could not answer.
The shop assistant was later taken away by the police for questioning.

Dube said: “The jerseys are just cheap imitations. There are people using the Highlanders name to make money when the club is not gaining anything.

“We do not even know whether the regalia is from Tanzania, China or whatever country,” he said.
He said they had started off with a raid in Harare last week.