Old Skool experience for Horizon


BODY&SOUL’S official back-to-the-Old Skool event has been lined up for Friday at Horizon Bar, Lounge and Restaurant in Bulawayo.

Own Correspondent

Organisers yesterday said the event will embody the lives, tastes and inspiration of old school music lovers and will be anchored by an incredible array of music by the biggest and most iconic artistes in R&B, motown, soul, hip-hop and house music.

The unique mix of music will reflect the lifestyle and sophistication of the yester-year era that has shaped everything in today’s music and the event will redefine old school music presentation that will cut across all genrés including kwaito, funk, new jack swing, classic dancehall and reggae hits.

Old Skool’s unique style that achieved global success continues to be an inspiration to many musicians as they sample the music and recreate it for current trends.

Speaking to Southern Eye Lifestyle, on behalf of Body&Soul, Gibson Ncube said: “As DJs who are linked to both eras, the old and new school, it is a privilege to collect, understand and relate to both eras.

It also is an honour for us to be able to engage and entertain people of different age groups who love different genrés of music.”

In an era where arguably good old school nights are rare in Bulawayo, the arrival of Body&Soul’s once-a-month event has created a buzz among old school fans around the city and the hosts say old school music is not for everyone.

Only those that understand it, appreciate it, relate to it and love it will definitely have fun. The real objective of Old Skool nights is to remind old school lovers of an era that made a lot of people fall in love with music.

As the cold nights continue to fade away, the event promises to be one of the most intimate and comfortable nights where in the open deck and pool area, people will mingle dance and watch one of the big screens that will be mounted for the exclusive old school videos live mixing session by DJ Barry.

The lounge and bar will continue inviting those that just want to chill, be intimate and also enjoy watching the sophisticated presentation of videos on the big screen.

The event will be graced by ZiFM divas, Zaza of The Handbook, Patience Musa of The X-hale Block and one of Harare’s top club DJs Chucknosis will also be on the decks alongside DJs Passe, Barry Weber and Gibson Ncube.

Over 300 complimentary tickets have been issued for this event. Body&Soul will be giving away more unlimited complimentary tickets in the Southern Eye’s Friday edition.