Safeguard introduces revolutionary safe


Safeguard Engineering has introduced a revolutionary new automated safe that counts cash in any denominations, deposits the money into a removable bag locked securely inside it and issues a receipt for the deposit with a breakdown of the cash received.

Own Correspondent

The Denominator, as the safe is called, is a secure cash receiving terminal built as a modular unit that can be installed and operational within an hour of its arrival at the site it is to be installed at.

Bulk cash notes placed, irrespective of their denomination and face value, on the receiving terminal on top of the safe are counted at a high speed of 16 notes per second, regardless of their denomination and dropped into a bag within the safe.

After every deposit dropped into the safe, the hidden hole through which the money is dropped into the bag in the safe is securely closed and locked.

The new safe is ideal for garages, supermarkets, banks, retail stores and any place where large amounts of money are received and stored prior to being banked.

Safeguard Engineering managing director Loveday Magaya said the Denominator stores information on all transactions.