Miracle money craze hits Bots


GABORONE — Music and television personality Joel Keitumele famed as Ntsoro, was among the multitudes who gathered at Ditshupo hall on Friday night to witness and testify about the miracle money from heaven from the famous Malawi youthful Prophet Shepherd Bushiri.

Ntsoro, a popular figure in Botswana due to his television programme Mokaragana and his comedy movies, endorsed the miracle money hype when he stood before the multitudes and proclaimed that he had just received P900 from nowhere.

Curiously though, there was none reporting some P100 000 or million Pula jackpot from heaven.

Those who received nothing at all were told to blame it on their lack of faith. On the day, Ntsoro performed songs. He was excited and clearly proud to give his testimony to the gathering after the prophet prophesied that those who believed would receive miracle money.

He told the gathering that he was “blessed” with P900.

Some of the lucky ones gave testimonies that they too had been blessed with money while others said they had received miracle airtime on their cellphones.

The hall was fully packed as Batswana from different parts of the country and churches gathered in excitement to see Bushiri and hopefully receive miracle money.

Among famous faces was Tebby known as The Queen of Gospel in Botswana dishing her beautiful melodious hymns. Mushiri of Malawi is not the first prophet to come with promises of raining money into people’s purses and bank accounts.

Last year the University of Botswana stadium was filled to capacity as another money-maker, prophet Uebert Angel from Zimbabwe, attracted multitudes who were hoping to be instant millionaires thanks to money from nowhere.

In February, Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe governor Gideon Gono gave Angel the go-ahead to continue generating “miracle money” saying the practice did not contravene the country’s banking laws.

—Mmegi/Staff Reporter