Pressure mounts on Tsvangirai to resign

MDC Renewal blamed Mr Tsvangirai, who served as prime minister in the coalition government, for its defeat and demanded his resignation.

A WHITE Zimbabwean farmer and human rights activist, Ben Freeth, has questioned the sincerity of MDC-T leader and former Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai for backtracking on his promises made before the July 31 elections that he would step down if he lost.


Freeth’s remarks come hot on the heels of calls by other senior white MDC-T members treasurer-general Roy Bennet and former Marondera Central MP Ian Kay for Tsvangirai to step down following the party’s loss.

Freeth said Tsvangirai has been flip-flopping his way through the MDC leadership for far too long and accused him of sleeping on duty during his tenure as Prime Minister in the coalition government.

Freeth said Tsvangirai should have used the post to ensure he plugged loopholes for rigging and other electoral flaws.

He charged: “What is wrong with our opposition leader Tsvangirai that he should flip-flop sacrificing principle because he thought Sadc would stand by them when things went wrong?”

Freeth said he had written to the former PM concerning some gross injustices, criminal activities and human rights abuses, but got no response.

He also attacked him for participating in an election when reforms as stipulated in the roadmap to elections had not been implemented.

Freeth said: “Why did he still go ahead when he was not allowed to view the voters’ roll which he knew was a shambles, full of ghosts that would glide in on the day as they had done in the constitutional referendum on March 16; when he had prior knowledge that Nikuv, an Israeli company known to be an expert in election-rigging, was on the Zanu PF payroll?”

He said the answer to the questions is that there is a leadership crisis in the MDC-T.

“While Zanu PF carried on taking personal property, mining diamonds and preparing for the election heist by continuing to block access to the voters’ roll, the Prime Minister was enjoying the comforts of the government,” he said. “If the former Prime Minister is tired . . . let him stand down and let someone who is energetic, God-fearing and not prepared to compromise on principle, take his place.”


  1. Ex-Prime Minister Tsvangirai should seriously Bennett, Kay and Freeth for him to step down from the self-titled MDC-T . These were his ardent white supporters.

  2. Kanti vele khona bekutsho namuhla soku too late; they are only saying now what we have always been saying. That man was so inconsistent no sane person except his robots trained on his personal democracy narrative. Funny they now say what everyone was watching; but NONE of them had the balls to say it in time to save themselves, now they say it and it’s too little too late.

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