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TODAY on this column, we feature Rabison Shumba a success expert, leadership speaker, author and business consultant. He leads an organisation called Greatness Factory Trust, a non-profit that focusses on ensuring that people find and maximise their purpose and potential.

To his name are books such as: The Greatness Manual, Fountain of Inspiration book 1 and 2. He has also co-authored other books with a number of American career experts. I had I singular honour of speaking to him on the matters of success, purpose and passion and here is what he has to say. Below are excepts:

JN: Rabison, How does one define true success?

RS: True success is when you can find your purpose and you begin to live within it, making this world a better place than you found it by making a difference in the lives of its inhabitants.
JN: The road to success is not a onetime stroke like lotto. At times the road gets rutted and rough. In such situations, as a success coach what would be your best word?

RS: It is true that the road is never smooth at all. However, this should not deter you from walking on it. I prefer to be in a forest with no roads; where I have to create my own path out of the forest than always live in the confines of what already is. You will never learn anything in life if you do not face hardships and overcome them.

JN: For starters, how do I develop a game plan for success?
RS: Success starts as a decision. You can read about it, hear stories or even watch others being successful, but the wheel starts moving at the point of decision. Once you are determined in your mind that you want to succeed, then your system is mobilised to work towards the end game. Stay focused on what you desire and keep ticking as you complete the milestones that punctuate your road to success. Nothing can stand in the way of one whose mind is made up.

JN: You have walked this road of success coaching and Zimbabwe is blessed to be having a person of your expertise. Personally, I have read three of your books, and heard your talks and with that in mind what do you think has led most people to frustration, burnout and ultimately failing to live a fulfilling life?

RS: Frustration is birthed out of unrealistic expectations. Many people think that success is an overnight process yet it takes time, diligence and commitment. You will burn out if you think the success road requires a sprint yet it is a marathon. You have to carry the right perspective of what success is so as to aim at it otherwise you will shoot at shadows expecting tangible results. Pick your friends wisely and drop those who form part of excess baggage; the hangers-on. You will get there if you increase your level of exposure through people who are living the dreams that you also aspire for.

JN: Parting point: What’s your favourite quotation? Give us your closing word of motivation to people who strive to live positive footprints on this planet!

R.S: I love the quote that says “Let the one who says it can’t be done make way for one who is already doing it”. If you desire to leave a mark in your generation then you have to find your purpose and live in it. Have a mindset that has no limits because limitations become real when we acknowledge that they exist.
Do not live in the comfort of what already is, but aim to create what has not already been done. Never waste time repeating mistakes that have been experienced by others on your behalf. Your success or failure rests on your capacity to manage the flow of your thoughts. I wish every reader success ahead. It can be achieved, it must be achieved and it will be achieved. To be continued next Sunday.

Jonah Nyoni is an author, success coach and motivational speaker.
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