Mother, child arrested over bombing


A 32-YEAR-OLD woman was arrested and detained together with her one-year-old toddler over the weekend in connection with the alleged bombing of some Zanu PF sub-offices in Harare’s high-density suburb of Highfield.


Spiwe Pambayi, and Clifford Mbewe endured two nights in police custody, first at Machipisa Police Station and later at the Harare Central Police Station, after she was arrested last Saturday.
Pambayi’s lawyer Charles Kwaramba confirmed the incident and said the woman was released on Monday without any charge.
“The woman was picked up by police after an informant purportedly overheard her saying, the ‘fire-fire’ operation that they had conducted the previous day (Friday night) had been a success,” Kwaramba said.
“The truth of the matter is her husband is a well known handyman to the newly-elected MDC councillor and it could be politics at play,” he added.
Kwaramba said the woman was released because of her one–year old baby, but the police still maintained they would call her for questioning as investigations into the matter continued.
According to media reports, the Zanu PF offices were allegedly petrol-bombed during an attack which reduced the offices together with an adjacent store, Grocery World Supermarket, to ashes.