Gorden Moyo responds to Cont Mhlanga


YESTERDAY we published an opinion by Amakhosi Arts director Cont Mhlanga criticising Makokoba MP Gorden Moyo for holding a private dinner at his house in Bulawayo’s Famona suburb to celebrate his victory in the July 31 elections instead of the poor neighbourhood where he got his votes.

Below is Moyo’s response after Southern Eye afforded him a right of reply.

This an empty and directionless criticism. It lacks substance and gravitas. I will not dignify mediocrity and shallow sentimentalism by responding to it.


I cannot be provoked by this kind of trash. And yet am really happy that I now know his heart and lungs regarding our democratisation agenda.


I have more serious responsibilities than responding to shallow and pedestrian analyses of this nature.


Surely, how can somebody who claims to be a pan-Africanist refer me to neo-liberal books written by Eurocentric authors who pursue Euro-American epistemic imperatives?


How can somebody who claims to be a social commentator fail to distinguish “private” from “public function?”

After all the same person abandoned the people of Lupane and become a missing councillor.


Even worse, the same person built the whole institution of arts development using donor funds — this is highest order of hypocrisy.


Those who live in glass houses should not move around naked.As Albert Nyathi quipped, “I shall not speak.”

Moyo is the MP for Makokoba in Bulawayo.


  1. Just a few words: shallow, empty, mediocrity,provoked, trash and “pedestrian analysis”-short of calling it “township analysis”. Isn’t this typical and conforming to the loaded and “provoking” opinion of Cont. Shame on you chairman.

  2. To be irritated by criticism is to acknowledge that you deserve it. Cont highlighted the very tragedy of our Politics were the so called “elites” like Gorden ride on the poor for their own selfish and personal gains. Shame On You Gorden, Shame Shame!

  3. Gorden Moyo, this is not a response. The issues that Cont raised in his article are valid to a large extent, and when I read this headline I was expecting you to at least give some sort of explanation. To show us maybe what part of the picture Cont was missing. Instead, exhibiting the same arrogance and disdain that Cont is lambasting, you decide to unleash a series of big words that do nothing to adress the issue at hand. i’m disappointed dear leader. The dismissive way in which you have responded to someone I feel had every right to ask you the questions you were asked shows just what little value you put in hearing the people. Asazi mfoka Moyo, sikhangele. The people of Makokoba and the people of Bulawayo are not stupid.

  4. MP Moyo don’t be angry with people like Conte because they are trying to bring down to their level so that they bit you with to it. Your sin Moyo is that you were suppose to book Conte’s venue for your function so that you give him business. He was anticipating paying his bills from the hire fees. My advice to you Moyo is that you should refrain from engaging and responding to fools on line because it reduces you.

    Conte if you have any problem with Moyo go to him and discuss issues with him and stop dancing to ZANU PF music.

  5. Ngoneni Zinja nguwe oyinja, nswelaboya like your silly pincipal Gorden ‘Black lips’ Moyo. I think Continueloving Mhlanga raised a number of salient points in his opinion piece. Gorden showed his arrogance and bullying nature in the response. Is Gorden trying to be a pre-2005 Prof. Jonathan Moyo? Well if he is he is being very poor at it. I suggest he learns diplomacy and social etiquette seeing as he is a leader.

  6. Gorden you are a disgrace to Makokoba.. if you cared the least bit about the constituency that voted you into office you would have at least shown the first sign of ‘giving” back by having victory celebrations in the very community that propelled you into office… l am not a resident of Makokoba but l hope the next elections the Makokoba constituency will rightly decide to vote for someone who is not ashamed to be identified with them>>>>>

  7. In just those few words, Moyo has displayed to all the trash that he is…sorry but indeed the man is absolute rubbish.Best if he had taken time to reflect and consider before responding.Rather than rushing to spew his arrogant hogwash to those who wish to give bitter but candid advice.Rushing to spew…much like his mentor rushing into elections …

  8. Ulilema wena Gordon.You have NOT responded on the issues Cont Mhlanga raised.Usijywayela kubi ngo kuyisikhiwa kwa manga.

  9. Of mad runts and political drunkenness. Shame on you MP Moyo, one of your weaknesses is lack of respect for your constituents. What is private about a victory that was handed you by the public. You want to disappear from public view already before you even serve the people who voted for you???

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