Gweru girl ‘buried’ alive


Gweru — A 15-year-old Mkoba girl was allegedly assaulted and later “buried” alive at Matinunura Cemetery by two female suspects following a misunderstanding over a dress she owed one of them.


Provincial police spokesperson inspector Emmanuel Mahoko yesterday said the suspects had since been arrested and were assisting with investigations.

Mahoko said the girl was force-marched to the cemetery in Mkoba 9, where she was forced into a pit and buried up to chest level.

“The 15-year-old girl had a misunderstanding with two suspects Family Shorai (20) and a 17-year-old girl over a dress.

“This did not go down well with the suspects who assaulted her with open hands and later force-marched her to a cemetery in Mkoba 9,” Mahoko said.

Mahoko said the complainant was allegedly forced into a pit where they (suspects) filled it with soil to her chest level.

The suspects left her there and she was rescued by a passer-by about 30 minutes later.

A report was made to the police, leading to the arrest of the two.

He said the suspects will appear in court soon to face attempted murder charges.