Protect industry, authorities urged


ZIMPLOW chief executive officer Zondi Kumwenda yesterday urged the government to introduce an anti-dumping tariff to protect local industry from cheap foreign imports currently flooding the market.


Addressing the Confederation of Zimbabwe Industries congress in Bulawayo, Kumwenda said the influx of cheap foreign commodities continues to suffocate local industry and the government must move to protect local manufacturers.

He said some trading protocols, especially the Sadc certificate, were being abused to flood the local market with cheap goods.
“Not all protocols are bad, but there has been serious abuse of the Sadc certificate of origin where goods from China are now originating from South Africa,” Kumwenda said.

“This has to be stopped by putting serious anti-dumping tariffs.”

Kumwenda said the government must introduce tariff protection on strategic products and exempt import duties on key raw materials not found in Zimbabwe as a mechanism to help recapitalisation of industry.