Fifa bans Chafa

Devon Chafa

DYNAMOS midfielder Devon Chafa’s intended January move out of the country hit a brickwall yesterday after he was banned for six months for using a prohibited substance by world football governing body Fifa.


Chafa will also miss the 2014 African Nations Championships (Chan) finals that will be staged in South Africa from January 11 to February 1.

His suspension, according to communication revealed by Zifa doctor Nick Munyonga yesterday, is effective August 30, meaning he will only return in February 2014 after the closure of the transfer window.

However, his manager Gibson Mahachi, said Chafa could still move in the next transfer window in July.

“There was something for him coming up in January, but that (suspension) does not mean this is the end of his career as he can still move in the next transfer window in July,” he said.

But Chafa was relieved that his suspension was only for six months as it carries a maximum sentence of two years.

“I wasn’t expecting it, but you have to take whatever comes. It was supposed to be two years, but I am happy to have it as six months rather than two years. I’ll take it like a sportsman and will keep fit. I’ll be back in February. I have other sources of income, but I can’t reveal everything that I do,” Chafa said at a Press conference yesterday afternoon.

Fifa deputy secretary to the disciplinary committee Christine Farina wrote in the letter of suspension: “The player, Chafa Devon Taitamba, is declared ineligible for a period of six months as of 30 August 2013 for violation of article 6 of the Fifa anti-doping regulations.

“In compliance with the preliminary Title ‘1 Definition and Interpretation’ of the Fifa anti-doping regulations as regards to the notion of ineligibility, the player Chafa Devon Taitamba is suspended for a specified period of time from participating in any competition (which covers all types of matches, including domestic, international, friendly and official) or other activity or from receiving sport-related financial support as provided in the Fifa anti- doping regulations.

“No costs are to be borne by the player. The player shall bear his own legal and other costs incurred in connection with the present proceedings.

“The judicial body will communicate the motivated decision in due course without any request on the grounds of the decision being needed. This does not affect the terms of the decision which come into force with immediate effect (article 106 of the Fifa disciplinary code).

“Only the motivated decision can be appealed against to the Fifa Appeals Committee (article 116 paragraph 2 of the Fifa Disciplinary Code and article 79 paragraph 1 of the Fifa anti-doping regulations.”