Lifeline for starving San people


THE late Vice-President John Nkomo’s son Jabulani has secured a deal in which National Foods will donate 500kg of mealie-meal to the San community in Tsholotsho every month.


Nkomo said his father helped the San community during his lifetime and the deal was brokered as a response to the cries for help the community had directed at his family.

“I engaged National Foods and it agreed that it will supply 500kg of mealie-meal to the San community every month,” he said.

“The programme was supposed to start with effect from this month (October), but it seems we have completed October and that means we expect it to start next month (November).

“But let us not pre-empty this before the programme is launched. We agreed in principle with National Foods on the donation and what is left is to start.

“Respecting Mdala’s (his late father) wish to assist these people, we felt committed and responsible to carry over that support.”

Nkomo said they were still to arrange for the first donation of 500kg to the San community and he would advise on the date in due course.

“I was expecting National Foods officials today (Wednesday) to hear about when the handover of the food will be and other official undertakings,” he said.

Nkomo said his assistance to the starving community had nothing to do with politics saying the community consisted of less than a thousand people.

“We are just helping people who asked for assistance and they are just few in terms of numbers. If I wanted to gain political ground I would have been doing this to all the people of Tsholotsho,” he said.

Nkomo contested the Zanu PF primary elections in the run-up to the July 31 elections and lost.

The San have been struggling to adapt to life as subsistence farmers due to their long history of being hunter gatherers.