Former Mr Byo on Africa Magic


FORMER Mr Bulawayo Oliver Keith Siamuloboka has landed a role in a Nigerian health show set to be aired on Africa Magic.

Sibindi Sharon
Own Correspondent

Director of Clean House Africa, Enewa Odenumwa, confirmed that Siamuloboka, popularly referred to as Keith, will be part of presenters in the show which will also be screened on local television station ZBC/TV.

“Keith will be part of Clean House Africa,” Odenumwa said. “He has to see every little mistake ranging from curtains,
carpets, walls and unnecessary junk that we always find in every house.

“Clean House Africa is striving to promote cleanliness in Africa among Africans.”

She said the show will be screened on Africa Magic (DStv).

Siamuloboka is the Brand Ambassador of Clean House Africa in South Africa and Zimbabwe.

“Like the British Extreme Makeover , the crew chooses any house that they think is in need of help, in terms of interior decorations, furniture arrangements and many more,” Odenumwa added.

Odenumwa said the role of the presenter (Keith) will be to criticise the occupants of the house chosen for the show.

“We all know that in every house characters are bound to clash especially in doing house chores. In addition, the occupants of the house are taken to a five- star hotel or a retreat while Clean House Africa takes over the house and make it not just a house, but an extraordinary house,” she added.

In a separate interview, Keith confirmed to Southern Eye Lifestyle that his role will be to work for Clean House Africa as a TV presenter for the show not builders or cleaners.

“My role is to present every little detail that is recorded from the time I arrive at the house to the time the family comes back to see their house completely changed.

“Clean House Africa also does the same to orphanages in South Africa and soon will be heading to Zimbabwe,” he added.

The show promotes good health through sound and safe environment as well as reducing environmental pollution and enhancing quality of life.