Goal setting strategy


A PERSON without written goals is like a ship without a radar. Such a ship has no specific direction, it can be tossed by the blowing wind in any direction.


Nqobile Tshuma

The primary purpose of a goal is to take you from where you are to where you want to be. Therefore goals have to be realistic and achievable.

Success is goals. Your life becomes meaningful when you identify exactly what you need to achieve. It is important to draw up an action plan defining the exact steps you will follow on every single day to reach your goals.
Goal setting process

  •  Write them down

Take a pen and a notebook or a diary and write your goals down. Give each goal a completion date. For example, if you are a network marketing professional, your goals could be crafted on the following aspects:

  • Income — state exactly how much income you shall be earning two months, three months, or 12 months from now.
  • Lifestyle — what kind of lifestyle you are going to create for yourself and for your family.
  • Investment — how much income are you going to set aside for investment purposes and what type of investment programmes are you going to do.
  • Visualise your goals

Visualising your goals simply means “see” them, touch them, in other words you should imagine yourself enjoying the accomplishment of your goals long before they come into fruition.

If your goal is to drive a brand new metallic black X6 BMW, imagine yourself in the driver’s seat and literally driving your car.

You have to imagine the colour of your car, the smell of the new leather seats and also hear the sound of the engine of your brand new metallic black X6 BMW.

Write down your goals in the present tense, that is, instead of saying “I will be driving a metallic black X6 BMW by the end of 2013” you should say “I’m driving a metallic black X6 BMW by the end of 2013”.

Remember, you attract to yourself whatever you have been thinking.

  • What resources or people you will need to accomplish your goals

When you think of people who shall help you in your endeavour to achieve your goals, you should think in terms of: What is it that these people will gain by helping you achieve your goals and not vice-versa?

“Be a go-giver” and not a “go -getter”.

For instance, businessman simply advertise job vacancies and promise job-seekers a good salary, a company car, etc and by so doing they attract highly skilled people into their organisations. Those workers will automatically help a businessman to be “stinking” rich.

This is a priceless secret of achieving your goals via the service of others.

Success is a great motivator. So as you achieve each goal set your next one until you find yourself stepping into your dreamland. Until next time.

 Nqobile Tshuma is a published author of three books and a network marketer