Honour your word


WE LIVE in a world where people find pleasure in breaking promises. We tell a friend that we will pay them a visit on Tuesday next week, knowing very well we have no time to do so.


Network marketing is a business of building and nurturing relationships with your prospective customers and your down lines.

Being honest, trustworthy and being a person of their word is the foundation in which strong business relationships are built. Let’s look at examples of broken promises in the network marketing circles:

  • Certain MLM companies making promises to their distributors, but failing to fulfil them,
  • A distributor after selling a nutritional supplement to his customer and very excited about cash he/she has received, makes a promise to the customer:

“ I will give you a call on Monday next week, just to find out, how are you coping.” Come Monday. No call is made.

  • An up line manager promises to give a present to his or her team members who shall meet a certain target that he/she has set. Come a time when the team members hit the target set and expect to be given the presents as promised, only to get disappointed by their up line manager who starts telling “stories” instead of fulfilling his promises. The list goes on.

Failure by both new and seasoned network marketers to develop an honesty philosophy in their business deals has led to a huge number of them tumbling down in this industry. Saying things we don’t really mean becomes a habit when we practice it long enough. The real problem is that when you don’t keep your word, you lose credibility. When you lose credibility, you break the bonds of trust.

And breaking the bonds of trust ultimately leads to a string of broken relationships.

Broken relationships may mean the end of your business career because a network marketing business is a business built on nurturing people to people relationships.

Being honest and trustworthy is pivotal to your success in this industry. So l suggest that you try on a daily basis to be absolutely honest, firm and fair in your dealings with others and with yourself.

You will see your team members starting to invest their confidence and trust in you, because what you give to others is exactly what you shall get from them!

And as a leader you automatically set a standard for your down lines, which means that, when you are an honest leader, your team members are likely to duplicate your action by being honest to one another as well.

That would mark the beginning of a deep-rooted relationship with your team, leading to a stable business and loyalty of your team members to you. This may mean endless business growth for you!

If you are unfaithful in your business deals, you do not only destroy your business, but you may also negatively affect the reputation of other innocent distributors in your company. And to a greater extent, tarnish the image of your MLM company and the entire network marketing industry worldwide.

“See” the gravity of the damage caused, just because of the unethical behaviour of one or two people. So being dishonest is a big NO, NO in the business world.

Wish you the best on your path to success!

  • Nqobile Tshuma is an author and has published three network marketing books