Richmond SPAR robbery: Be very, very afraid


ELSEWHERE in today’s edition we report about a robbery at Richmond SPAR in which yet to be identified scumbags got away with an undisclosed amount of cash and goods in broad daylight.

The robbery, not far away from the central Bulawayo business district, comes amid weekend reports that four-men gang robber a cash-in-transit armoured vehicle of over $125 000 meant for salaries of plantation workers in Manicaland. They are said to be at large, armed and dangerous.

For the past three weeks there have been other incidents of robberies, muggings, housing breakings and theft cases in Bulawayo and this comes in the backcloth of revelations by this newspaper that more than 100 dangerous criminals are on the Bulawayo’s police’s most wanted list.

It would appear appeals to law-abiding citizens by this newspaper and the police to seize the initiative and report criminals in their midst have fallen on the deaf eyes.

These scoundrels are continuing with their way-wide ways judging by the daylight robbery at Richmond SPAR. It is by sheer luck that no one was killed, but the traumatic experience has left affected workers in emotional stress and urgently need counselling.

It is an open secret some of our citizens know these evil thugs but are afraid to report them to the law enforcement agents in fear of the reprisals or even the unknown.

It is also a fact some citizens could be enjoying the proceedings of these ill-gotten loots hence their silence.

But we need to remind citizens that it is a criminal offence to harbour and consort with wanted criminals, more so those facing murder and armed robbery charges. We said it three weeks ago and we say it again today:
Some of these armed bandits would not have any qualms of turning their weapons against citizens as they desperately seek cash to bankroll their vices ahead of the festive season.

The robbery at Richmond is probably a harbinger of things to come in the next few weeks ahead of Christmas and the New Year celebrations.

As responsible and law-abiding citizens, we need to seize the initiative and help the law enforcement authorities to smoke out these criminals who are a grave danger to the society.

If these robbers, said to be still said at large, had the temerity to hit Richmond SPAR in daylight despite police releasing names of some of them on the city’s most wanted list, what could stop them from killing people?

We should be very, very afraid more so with hundreds of izinjiva flocking home for the festive season, but the onus is on every citizen to help police and other law enforcement agents to nail these criminals who, we are in no doubt, eat, drink and sleep with us.


  1. the police are busy chasing the drivers and getting bribes at road blocks while criminals are watching them and studying how to evade them. soon these criminal will prove to chihuri and his police force that they are useless. mark my words.

  2. 100 criminals on the police wanted list in a small city like bulawayo where the number of police is so high and in a city where almost every one knows who is who around. when i become kind and give lift to people in my car almost every time they will be a policeman in plain clothes. so where are the police. getting bribes. its so bad especially those who are there through the party not by merit.

  3. The reason y citizens no longer report these robbers bcoz u report sm1 2day n 2moro he is out again. So u rather ignore even if u know them.

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