Dams record insignificant inflows


BULAWAYO’S major supply dams received insignificant inflows despite some heavy downpours recorded in and around the city a few weeks ago.


Statistics released by the Bulawayo City Council on Monday showed that Mtshabezi has the most water at 93,5% capacity.

Insiza Mayfair was at 59% while Inyankuni was at 4,4%, Lower Ncema (22,6%), Umzingwane (14,9%) and Upper Ncema (2,1%).

In total, the city’s supply dams have 166 261 524 cubic metres against a capacity of 414 627 700 cubic metres.

According to council, from November 8-30, Insiza Mayfair and Upper Ncema did not receive any rainfall while Umzingwane got eight millimetres, Lower Ncema (5mm) and Inyankuni (2mm).

Council reduced water rationing from 72 hours to 48 hours per week in September following the successful continuous pumping of water volumes from Mtshabezi Dam.

Council has urged residents to continue using water sparingly as the supply dams did not receive significant inflows.

The water crisis has dogged the city for decades, but the government has continued to drag its feet in paving way for emergency funding to complete long mooted water projects.