Power of information as Zimbos embrace social media


AS ZANU PF increases its stranglehold on The Herald and the ZBC, and Zimbabweans realise that the Mugabe regime is going to continue lying to them while the country descends into chaos, the Internet has been set ablaze by commentators desperate to add their voices to possible solutions.

Sibusiso Ngwenya

New pages are being opened daily, especially on Facebook, all competing for attention. One of the new ones that is attracting a large following is Zimbabweans for Prosperity which makes no apology for seeking regime change in Zimbabwe by any means possible.

But others are just individuals like myself who share thoughts with 920 friends, who in turn share with theirs in an increasingly interconnected network of millions of educated, articulate, literate and frustrated Zimbabweans at home and in the Diaspora.

Their government is not worried about their concerns as long as they do not affect its ability to stay in power. It can arrest and kill the opposition and when that does not work it can rig the elections.

The subject which tickled me this week was the revelation of “indigenisation” promoter Philip Chiyangwa’s wealth, which is known to be the result of patronage, and simply standing up and being willing to be the face of Zanu PF’s indigenisation policy.

He typifies the generation of black businessmen who benefited from the black empowerment policies of Zanu PF.

If this be the model black empowerment, indigenisation and nationalisation promoted by Zanu PF and it is acceptable to the people, then maybe we have no reason to mourn.

It has taken another messy divorce to expose the obscene wealth of businessman Philip Chiyangwa. Chiyangwa who is President Robert Mugabe’s nephew, is a typical example of how those who are well connected in the Zanu PF hierarchy have and will always benefit.

Tendai Biti as Government of National Unity Finance minister, disclosed that at least $2 billion worth of diamond proceeds had not been remitted to State coffers soon after elections.

Mugabe himself disclosed how Godwills Masimirembwa had received more than $5 million in bribes over mining contracts.

There is so much wealth flowing among themselves while the rest of the nation are living pauper’s lives.

This disclosure should raise eyebrows as to how much Zimbabwe’s wealth and natural resources have been shared among Zanu PF stalwarts, security chiefs and all other well-placed individuals in the system, at the expense of the rest of the country’s development.

The wealth that has been looted by these people is of great significance such that it can kick start our economy without any external investments initially.

The widespread destitution faced by Zimbabweans is unjustified where these people are filthy rich from what rightfully belongs to the people of Zimbabwe.

The oppression, inequality, injustice and corruption in Zimbabwe has only served to enrich these people and they will only focus on protecting their loot reserves and never allowing democracy to take root. They will deliberately marginalise the ordinary person in the street at grassroot level.

If it’s not the acceptable model, we seek equal opportunities, prosperity for all, justice, democracy and a sustainable future for our country. We must all realise that we are heading for a bigger fight in 2018 and that taking a back-seat at the moment will not help at all.

We need to step up our game and employ new and effective strategies in our endeavour to deliver ourselves from the claws of such evil governance.

We need to talk openly about this and repeatedly disclose as much as possible to the people at grassroots level, the ordinary uninformed person on the street and disseminate as much information as possible about similar assets by other corrupt individuals for the benefit of our people.

Only a well informed electorate can act as one and focus on issues in a united manner and steer clear of irrelevant and unprogressive divisional politics.

This type of information empowers the marginalised society to make more informed decisions about the future on issues that directly affect their welfare and making the right choices when it comes to voting. Nothing speaks more volumes about the nature of our legislators than this exposure.

Sibusiso Ngwenya is based in the United Kingdom