‘I wish l could change my sponsor ’


A SPONSOR is a person who introduced you to the network marketing business.

It’s saddening to note that a frightening number of network marketers have a tendency of blaming their direct sponsor and up line managers for their failure to succeed in this industry.

Yes, its healthy for your business to partner up with a supportive sponsor, but at the end of the day it is “YOU” who should be responsible for the success of your business.

Remember, it’s YOU and only YOU who can guarantee that you will achieve your goals.

So, from day one, you are the founder, chief executive officer and president of your business. Take charge of your business operations and accept full responsibility of your success and failure.

Never play a victim role. I have never heard of people who played a victim role and became successful in network marketing or in any other business. When your business suffers serious setbacks or when you face uphill struggles in your business, the usual route that people take is to blame the state of the economy, sponsor, up line manager, the products and the compensation plan of the company they represent.

The moment you act cowardly, you will lose control of the steering wheel that drives your business forward. Pointing an accusing finger at others or making excuses for your failure will fast track you to nowhere.

Mary Christensen (pictured) had this to say: “Refuse to allow yourself to be derailed by outside influences. Only you can drive your business through ups and downs, triumphs and tears . . . have the courage to make bold decisions, take action, review the consequences of your actions, and make more decisions. Decide, act, decide, act, review, act, review . . .”

When adversity or challenges come your way bend, but don’t break. If you arm yourself with such a mindset, I guarantee you that you will achieve success beyond your wildest dreams.

Certainly, having a caring sponsor is a plus to the growth of your business, but it is extremely important to note that you will largely succeed in the multi-level marketing business because of the actions you personally take or fail to take and not because of blaming others for your failure.

Successful network marketers get help from their up line managers and mentors, but they don’t place their success in the hands of their down line or up line managers.

So, “man up” or “woman up”, be self-reliant and keep moving forward in spite of whatever happens.

Then little by little, you will find yourself stepping into your dream land! Wish you the best on your path to success.

 Nqobile Tshuma is a published author of three network marketing books. He can be reached on 0782 028 397