Man kills uncle over $15 debt


A 21-YEAR-OLD Masvingo man killed his uncle over a $15 debt for a pair of jeans he was owed since last year, the police have confirmed.


Collete Manzonzo of Rujeko C high-density suburb allegedly fatally stabbed his uncle Antony Manzonzo (37) on Friday night after a misunderstanding over the debt which he said was now long overdue.

The debt dates back to June 2013 and Collete was angry that his uncle had still not paid it. He stabbed him in the thigh resulting in him dying due to excessive bleeding upon arrival at Masvingo General Hospital.

Masvingo provincial police spokesperson Chief Inspector Peter Zhanero said a misunderstanding ensued after Collete had demanded his money from his uncle resulting in a fist fight.

“The two started fighting after the accused demanded his money. The accused then produced a knife and stabbed his uncle in the thigh,” Zhanero said.

He said Collete was in police custody while his deceased uncle’s body was awaiting a post mortem at Masvingo General Hospital.

Zhanero urged residents to resolve their differences amicably or seek older relatives or counsellors’ assistance instead of resorting to violence.

“Most of the murder cases recorded show that relatives murder fellow kinsmen after misunderstandings. We urge people to seek help and not take matters into their own hands,” Zhanero said.

Masvingo once topped the national murder statistics at the High Court. Some of the cases, which date back to 2008, are still pending in the High Court.