Documentary for Byo poets


UPCOMING poets from Bulawayo have been thrown a golden opportunity to feature in a short video which documents the life of the City of Kings and Queens using traditional and contemporary poetry.

Own Correspondent

The organisers of the project, locally-based Hillbreez Management told Southern Eye Lifestyle the documentary was meant to tell a vivid story about Bulawayo using poetry.

Additionally, he said, the project is meant to exhibit the art of both traditional and contemporary poetry with the intent of exploring raw poetry and exposing unknown, but talented poets.

“This project seeks to tell a story about Bulawayo and also to exhibit the art of poetry, looking at both the traditional and contemporary genré.

“Our intention is to tell a story about Bulawayo poems and to expose underground poets who have less exposure or have featured less in mainstream poetry although possibly having equal talent with those who are prominent,” Langalethu Ncube the founder of Hillbreez and the director of the project said.

Although poetry is one of the ancient genrés of art used to tell a vivid story about people and places, the genré is largely marginalised in Zimbabwe. Its negative development has in the past forced poets to retreat to privacy — choosing instead to pursue the old genré only as a hobby.

But the 10-minute documentary which will feature upcoming poets could be a lifeline for the flickering genre. Njabulo Moyo, one of the rising Bulawayo-born poets who might feature in the documentary, lauded the idea.

He said: “I think this is an excitingly brilliant project that we have been waiting for as Bulawayo poets.

“I believe that for us to gather as poets to tell a story about our city through poetry which is arguably one of the most powerful literary tools of communication, is a noble idea.

“I also think that the project is a brilliant one as it came after the unveiling of the late Vice-President Nkomo’s statue, so there is indeed a lot to tell about Bulawayo,” he said.